Dreamy Client Magnet Facebook Community

FB Community Access

1. In an effort to keep the Private Facebook community safe for those who enroll in the program, we only give access to people whose names on Facebook perfectly match the enrollment form. If your name is different or you use initials or a nickname, you must reach out to us via email so we can confirm your identity.

2. This community and the content is only for students of Dreamy Client Magnet that are enrolled and are in good financial standing. We reserve the right to remove students who are not up to date on payments or take actions to violate terms of the guidelines of the community.

3. We love our community and Reina especially loves connecting with you; however, we ask that you do not add #TeamSunshine. We keep our personal accounts private for our friends and family.

4. We expect that you’ll love the community and find “your people” in the group. And there may certainly be your dreamies in the community; however, you may not sell or directly market your offers unless explicitly asked for.

5. The Facebook Community is NOT a place for technical support. If you’re having issues with payment or accessing information, head over to the Support page and we can get that resolved for you.

Our Community Guidelines: These Rules Keep Us Safe

1. Show up. The first rule in the community is that if you want to see progress and you want to feel supported, you have to show up. You truly get out of the group what you put into the group!

2. Be kind. This group is a safe community. In order to maintain that, we ask that you think before you type, that you come to support others, to encourage. If you’re feeling negative or down, that is part of the entrepreneur journey and we welcome that. However, we do not tolerate hate, negativity, complaining or gossiping.

3. Confidentiality. Anything that happens in this group stays in this group. We won’t tolerate anybody taking screenshots of conversations. Unless it is discussed with the involved parties, you should not be mining data from the group.

4. Be generous. We believe that in order to get, you also must give. Be generous with your words of encouragement, your thoughts, and support. One caveat is, if your natural tendency is to over-give, then create boundaries around this to preserve resources for yourself!

5. Process out Loud. We love it when people let us in on what they’re thinking, feeling, or working on. Post in the group that is happening and let us in on the progress.

6. Give Feedback. This group is successful and engaged because of the feedback that people post. In giving feedback, be thoughtful and helpful (think: what would be helpful for this person to think through?).

7. Seek Support. This group is full of amazing and smart people. We encourage you to seek support of the collective. While you can expect to get feedback from Reina, please don’t tag her on every post in hopes of getting instant feedback as this is not a 1:1 program.

Please note: You may notice when you go to give your feedback on the modules in the Facebook Group, under the Learning tab units that there are past comments from prior DCM students. We have intentionally left these comments in place since the start of DCM so that you may learn or get inspiration from these prior students.

Do those rules sound good for you?

By clicking and joining, you’re confirming to be a Dreamy Client Magnet!

YAY You’re in!

Once you’re in, you’ll want to take these steps to get comfy:

Facebook group

1. Make sure you pin the Dreamy Client Magnet Group to your Favorites that show up on the left side of your account.

2. Do an intro video or post where you tell us a little bit about you and your business (Use the #newdreamyclientmagnet)! Here are some prompts to get you started.

• Tell us a bit about your business and what you do

• Where you live

• What you hope to get out of the Dreamy Client Magnet Program

• A favorite client/customer experience you’ve had